Jan 262009

Guardian blogger, Dave Hill mentions Martin Linton’s comments on the Evening Standard being purchased by Lededev.

It can only be better, I think, than what’s gone in the past…they’ve turned the Evening Standard into a sort of south-eastern newspaper which actually has very little in it about London…it seems to be written for people who live in Tunbridge Wells and commute to London every day and what something to read on the way back.

Linton was speaking on The Politics Show. There will be more detail on their web site.

  One Response to “Wadley’s Standard”

  1. I have written to Martin Linton about a range of issues over the past year but have never once received an actual reply from him.
    It would seem to me that Linton is simply yet another backbench toady who is more than happy to talk whatever rubbish in the House that the party whips demand of him!
    More on my blog: http://www.thethirdrepublic.com/?p=109
    I understand that he is ‘strongly in favour of compulsion’ in relation to ID cards – the only way they’ll get me to accept one is if they use physical force – over my dead body will I participate in Linton’s police state!

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