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I will not, but only for the sake of others who wish to speak. I do not wish to be discourteous.

To take a couple of extreme examples, in children’s care, learning and development, the breakdown is 4% men and 96% women, while in plumbing it is 98% men and 2% women. I chose plumbing as an example because in London plumbers can make a fortune at present, and I want women to have the opportunity to be in the high-wage jobs. I chose children’s care, learning and development because we in this House regularly debate the need for more male role models in children’s early years. That sort of gender imbalance in that important area of employment is clearly not right, just as it is also not right that we have a similar gender imbalance in primary school teaching.

While celebrating the overall gender balance across apprenticeship starts, we must use every opportunity—through the new National Careers Service, through visits to schools and firms, and through talking to young people—to encourage young people to look at the widest possible range of professions. It was very heartening to hear my hon. Friend the Member for Gosport (Caroline Dinenage) talk about the young apprentice she described. There are not enough similar

examples. As we approach 2012, we must challenge the obvious stereotypes that still exist, and the apprenticeship programme provides us with a chance to challenge and tackle them.

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  1. Hi Martin,

    I know this isn’t perhaps the best place to get in touch with you however I have struggled to find any other form of contact detail for yourself.

    I am a student at the University of Nottingham and currently conducting a dissertation on the Labour party, or more specifically, Labour’s ability to hang onto its leaders whilst in power. My paper looks into three recent attempts to unseat a Labour premier (Blair 2006, Brown 2008 and 2009) and factors involved. Most critically, the Labour rulebook and cabinet backing.

    Back in 2008 you assigned your name to an article in Progress in which the leadership was urged to develop “a convincing new narrative”. Since you held such a view at the time I was wondering whether you would be free to answer any questions I may have, via email or over the phone?

    Kind regards and yours sincerely,


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