Jan 262009

Guardian blogger, Dave Hill mentions Martin Linton’s comments on the Evening Standard being purchased by Lededev.

It can only be better, I think, than what’s gone in the past…they’ve turned the Evening Standard into a sort of south-eastern newspaper which actually has very little in it about London…it seems to be written for people who live in Tunbridge Wells and commute to London every day and what something to read on the way back.

Linton was speaking on The Politics Show. There will be more detail on their web site.

Jan 102009

Oliver Kamm was also at the recent meeting at the Royal Society of the Arts. He writes about it in his Times blog. He doesn’t have a very high opinion of Martin Linton.

Someone else not to be taken seriously, I discover, is Martin Linton MP, who recalled that the first President Bush had withdrawn loans to Israel. Bush did no such thing: Linton is confused between the concepts of a loan and a loan guarantee. The George H.W. Bush administration in any case did not withdraw loan guarantees from Israel but made them conditional on cessation of West Bank settlement.

Jan 052009

Fair Deal Phil picks up on a quote from Martin Linton, commenting on the number of Palestinians who have died in the recent Israeli attacks.

If every time the IRA killed a British soldier, 100 Catholics were killed on the Falls Road, people would think it was outrageous.

Linton was speaking on the BBC news.

Jan 012009

The Labourhome blog has an article about 53 Labour politicians who have written a letter to the Foreign Secretary calling for action to stop the bombing of civilians in Palestine. Martin Linton is one of the MPs on the list.
The letter itself is printed in the Guardian.

Oct 252007

The Croydonian gets cynical about Martin Linton’s campaign to limit party spending in constituencies.

Who’s afraid of Lord Ashcroft?
Nick Palmer (Lab) Broxtowe – Maj 2,296
Martin Linton (Lab) Battersea – Maj 163
Or so it would seem from quite how strongly they are opposed – out of principle, clearly – to spending in constituencies between elections.

Oct 122007

Sadiq Khan and Martin Linton have been spending more time together. This week they were at a coffee morning.

On the Friday of my return from conference, I took part in the Macmillan Cancer Support Coffee Morning at St Georges Hospital. Each year, the event is bigger than the year before. More than £1000 was raised last year and I am confident this was surpassed this year. Martin Linton MP for Battersea was also present and you can see a photo of us by clicking HERE. This has been the third Macmillan Coffee Morning that I have attended at St George’s as Tooting’s MP, and every year has been bigger and better than the previous one. I hope to attend many more, as they are a really fun way to raise both the profile of a wonderful organisation and funds for them to use. You can find out more about Macmillan’s excellent work by clicking HERE

Oct 102007

The New Welsh Right blog mentions Martin Linton as one of the Labour MPs who have started a campaign to limit the amount of money that parties can spend in constituencies annually.

At a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party last night Martin Linton, David Borrow, Stephen Ladyman and Celia Barlow called for Gordon Brown to limit the amount of money that may be spent in constituencies each year rather than just at election time.

Of course, being Tories, they have either completely misunderstood the issue or choose to deliberately misrepresent it.

Linton, representing highly marginal Battersea (and you thought it was out of the goodness of his heart) led the charge and argued, basically, that he was scared that the people of Battersea might like his Tory opponent better than him and that this was very bad indeed. He also pushed the point that Parliament should use its power to write laws (usually fairly serious things that require a bit of thinking through) to hobble his opponent early on. This was to take the form of banning him from spending much on advertising, leaflets, phone calls and all those other tools of debate that nobody ever died or got sick from.

Oct 092007

The Grimmer Up North blog mentions Martin Linton in passing when discussing the election that never was.

On our side, even Tony Lloyd, chair of the PLP and usually a loyal Brownite, is critical of the PM today. Others like Peter Kilfoyle, David Winnick , Martin Linton and John McDonnell have spoken out against the posturing and political game-playing which has drained much of the goodwill which Brown was given on taking over from Tony Blair.

Oct 092007

A French blog comments on Gordon Brown confirming that there will not be an election. Martin Linton is mentioned.

Certains disent que quoi que Brown ait décidé, il aurait fait une erreur politique. Le travailliste Martin Linton vient pourtant à son secours : “Quand on regarde de précédents Premier ministres qui ont convoqué des élections anticipées, ce n’est pas très encourageant, ça a été un fiasco. Je pense qu’il a eu raison d’agir comme il l’a fait.”

Which Google Translate renders into English as

Some say that whatever Brown’s decision, it would have made a political mistake. The Labour Martin Linton has yet to his rescue: “When you look at previous Prime Ministers, which convened early elections, it is not very encouraging, it was a fiasco. I think it was right to act as he did.”

Oct 082007

Another Spanish blog commenting on UK politics. In this case it’s a report on Gordon Brown deciding that there won’t be a General Election. The report mentions Martin Linton.

Designado por Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, pretendía apuntalar y legitimar su mandato con los comicios. Sus cada vez menos incondicionales como el laborista Martin Linton creen que hay ejemplos previos de jefes de Gobierno que han convocado elecciones y las han perdido, que demuestran que Brown ha hecho lo correcto.

Or, almost in English (via Google Translate)

Appointed by Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, sought to legitimize and strengthen its mandate in the elections. Their increasingly unconditional as Labour Martin Linton believe that there are previous examples of government leaders who have called and have lost elections, which show that Brown has done the right thing.