Jun 252017

It doesn’t seem like I’ve been running this site for very long (the domain was registered early in 2005) but Battersea now has its third MP in the lifetime of this site. Martin Linton gave way to Jane Ellison in 2010, and now (in 2017) she was replaced by Marsha de Cordova. The election result was as follows:

General Election 2017: Battersea
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labour Marsha de Cordova 25,292 45.9 Increase9.1
Conservative Jane Ellison 22,876 41.5 Decrease10.8
Liberal Democrat Richard Davis 4,401 8.0 Increase3.6
Independent Chris Coghlan 1,234 2.2 N/A
Green Lois Davis 866 1.6 Decrease1.7
UKIP Eugene Power 357 0.6 Decrease2.5
Socialist (GB) Daniel Lambert 32 0.1 N/A
Majority 2,416 4.4 N/A
Turnout 55,058 71.0 Increase4.0
Labour gain from Conservative Swing Increase10.0

If you look back to the previous entries on this site, you’ll see that they dried up at the end of 2011. To be honest, I rather lost interest. But it seems that our new MP doesn’t have her own web site, so I think it’s important that this site is resurrected in order that constituents have an easy way to see what she is doing for us.

In the sidebar you’ll see a widget that will show any parliamentary appearances that our MP makes, along with another widget that is tracking various news sites for headlines about our MP. I’ll also add her Twitter account. If you can think of any other information that might be interesting, then please leave a comment letting me know.

Dec 182008

Apologies for the fact that this blog rather died out over the last couple of years. I went on a rather long holiday, got a bit behind and never really caught up.
But I’m going to have another go. I’ll start by posting the stories that have come in today and will hopefully be able to keep up to date. I’ve got all of the old stories still bookmarked, so maybe one day I’ll go back and post them here.

Feb 092007

Three more news stories that have appeared on the official site over the last week.
MP supports campaign to get more disabled people onto public transport
Martin Linton MP is backing a campaign to encourage more disabled people to use public transport and exercise new rights to fair treatment on buses, trains, trams and taxis.
Don’t bury the BAC
Battersea MP Martin Linton today accused Wandsworth Council of trying to bury the Battersea Arts Centre.
Battersea MP Martin Linton today condemned a proposal by the Conservative Group on the London Assembly to abolish free bus and tram travel for all under 18s in full-time education.

Jan 242007

Two more stories from the official site.
BAC campaign has cross-party support
Martin Linton MP has garnered support from across the political spectrum against council cuts that could kill off Battersea Arts Centre.
Conservative and Lib Dem MPs have backed the Labour MP for Battersea in his campaign against the arts centre closure.
Action on deadly crane danger
Martin Linton MP is calling for improved safety standards for cranes following the fatal accident in Battersea last September.
It follows the action by the Health & Safety Commission on Friday to order all building sites to stop using cranes hired by the company involved in that accident and another fatal one in Liverpool.

Jan 182007

Two more news stories from the official site.
Threat to BAC ‘unwarranted’ says MP
Wandsworth MPs Martin Linton and Sadiq Khan have asked the Government for assurance that Wandsworth Council is in no danger of being ‘capped’ if it maintains its current spending on local services.
Wandsworth Museum and Battersea Arts Centre are said to be under threat from cuts by the council. However, Conservative councillors say they have to make cuts or face a cap on expenditure.
Fight begins to save BAC
The Prime Minister gave his backing today to the campaign to stop the threatened closure of Battersea Arts Centre.
Wandsworth Council are planning to cut off their annual grant to Battersea Arts Centre next month and charge the commercial cost of rent and repairs, which would inevitably result in the closure of the building.

Jan 132007

Two more stories from the official site.
BTC still improving
Martin has invited Tony Blair to visit Battersea Technology College after it was named one of the most improved secondary schools in the country. The college has seen its GCSE score rise from 4% in 1999 to 50% in 2006.
Martin calls for extra buses on 344 route
Battersea MP Martin Linton has complained about ‘overloading’ on the 344 bus service along Battersea Park Road as a result of the re-routing of the number 44 over Chelsea Bridge to Victoria.

Jan 032007

A couple of recent stories from the official site.
Martin to meet minister over affordable housing

Battersea’s Labour MP Martin Linton raised the shortfall of low-cost homes in the House of Commons last month.
He was promised a meeting with housing minister Yvette Cooper and Wandsworth Labour councillors to discuss the problem in Battersea and Tooting.

Martin backs higher age limit for smokers

Battersea MP Martin Linton is backing the move to raise the minimum age for buying cigarettes from 16 to 18.
The Government announced the move this week and it will come into force from October 2007, three months after the ban on smoking in public places, such as pubs and private clubs, which will come into effect from 1st July.

Oct 162006

I’ve added a new source of information for the postings on this blog. I’ve set up a Technorati search for “Martin Linton” – so now we’ll also see what bloggers are saying about him.

Oct 022006

There seems to be something a bit strange going on over at the official web site. Stories from their web feed have been turning up in my RSS reader over the last few days, but whenever I try to follow one of the links I get a “Bad Request” error.
In the hope that it’s problem that will get fixed soon, here are the links:

Please leave a comment if you manage to get these links to work.
Update: Aha! I know what’s going on. The redirection from martinlinton.org.uk to martinlinton.squarespace.com seems to be broken. You can read the stories if you change the address that you try to access:

Sep 222005

It’s a quiet time of year with most MPs off on holiday somewhere and, of course, Martin Linton’s official site is still… er… resting.
All of which means that it’s a while since there was anything new to post here and, as a result, the front page contained no stories (it was configured to show stories from the last 30 days).
Anyway, I’ve changed the configuration so that it now shows stories from the last 60 days. Let’s just hope that Martin Linton actually does something in the next month or so.